My Wedding Souvenirs

I am happy to know that my mother in law kept the wedding souvenirs that my husband brought from our wedding in July 2007. I felt nostalgic about it as she gave some of it to me just in case if I haven’t kept any. That was sweet of her and I told her the story behind it. Me, my mother and my Aunt went to Cebu to find the affordable and beautiful wedding souvenir. We went to Colon Market and we found there a long strip public market who makes this kind of art. We were exhausted of looking the different designs and prices. We were also looking for discounts too. Most of the sellers were very friendly and ready to show how nice their products were. I kept in mind the color combination of sky blue and silver or white which we chose as a motif for our wedding. And the result of it is in the picture below. It is made of recycled and rolled white office paper and they had ribbons for me to choose. I think our souvenir package cost was around P2000-3000 Philippine pesos, roughly $71 dollars. And they gave me a choice of either having one design or four designs in one package, so I chose the four designs option.

I am joining Sally’s Blue Monday meme this week. Come and join too!


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20 responses to “My Wedding Souvenirs

  1. very cute wedding souvenirs..thanks for visiting my site 😛

  2. What a beautiful wedding it must have been! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Mel.

  3. Oh my gosh, how beautiful!! And perfect for Blue Monday!!! They are gorgeous.

  4. Lovely blues!

    My Blue Monday, have a great day!

  5. they are really gorgeous, thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. I wish I had my own wedding souvenirs…tnx for dropping by at my blog sis…

  7. kat

    yay! buhay pa? galing naman ng MIL mo Mel…from Cebu pa jud diay na hehe.

    TY sa visit and comment.

  8. Those are really cute!

  9. lovely souvenirs..

    daghan diay sa colon? mura pud ug divisoria sa manila?

    Souvenir Mug

  10. those are lovely wedding souvenirs sis. nice pala ang motif na blue.

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    1st time in Sights and Sounds
    Messy workplace

  11. These are beautiful souvenirs.

  12. Lovely souvenirs sis!

  13. Your wedding souvenirs are lovely!

    Thanks for dropping by, Mel…

  14. Hi Mel, late visit.. sowee… wow, oo diay asa natong among mga ing-ani.. cute gud… dropping by..

  15. ang cute..same sa ate ko, ganyan din style ng souvenier nya sa kasal kulay blue din. happy BM!

    if you have time come by and follow my blog here:

    thanks in advance

  16. very pretty naman souvenirs na ito

  17. Beautiful souvenirs, Mel. I am also looking for affordable ones for my brother's upcoming wedding. Wala naman siguroy 2k-3K. Hahay!


  18. I love your wedding souvenir mel

  19. wow! pagka cute jud kau sa inyong giveaways yotch…nice!

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