My Steps in planning a raised garden bed – – – part 1

Hi Folks! Tomorrow is the the first day of Spring so get ready to get up one hour earlier in the morning. I suppose its Sunday and no worries about going to work late. But if you are a stay at home mom like me, you probably get busy in the morning. Anyhow, what I am going to share to you today is how I planned to get a raised garden bed.

  1. Since I was not pregnant, I took the courage to ask my husband about it. We did in the Spring. We bought a two 9 feet tall hardwood and two 3 feet tall hardwood, 16 inches wide, flat and 1 inch thick. Be sure to choose the non-treated wood because the treated ones has chemicals in it that would mix in the soil.
  2. To form a rectangular garden bed, you need to nail the side and tip of the 9 feet hardwood and 3 feet hardwood together. Be safe in doing it. In my case, I hold the wood together so my husband could nail them together. Two people can do it. The more hands and coordination, the better.
  3. Before we built the bed, I loosened up 1 foot of our ground soil. Our soil is very clay in composition. And we put the raised bed on top of it. I mixed in 4 large bags of garden soil from the market like walmart. I also mixed in 5 small bags of cow manure. And as for the top, I read gardening books that compost is the best one, but in my case I cant find compost in stores so I used peat moss. I put too much peat moss that it caused the transplanted seedlings and seeds germinate so slow and turned yellow green. So rule of thumb is not to put too much peat moss. At least it is 1 inch higher to the mixed manure and garden soil.


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