My Clean Hutch

Hi Ruby Tuesday friends! Its been a long time I have not joined you. Its because I am busy being pregnant.  What I have here is the clean hutch after cleaning it the other day. Could this be the nesting instinct? Only if I keep it clean this way for long time right? George, my 21 months old toddler kept on picking those books and sometimes collects stuff in our kitchen and put it inside those drawers and cabinets. Yep, been busy here.

Would you like some Fudgie Wudgie?


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17 responses to “My Clean Hutch

  1. welcome back again in RT hehe .. yes i love this fudgie wudgie looks yummy. Thanks for following my new food blog mel 🙂

  2. Never heard of Fudgie Wudgie but anything that combines chocolate and cheesecake has to be good.

    You also have a nice bookcase.

    Thanks for stopping by my Little America post.

  3. me me! i want fudgie wudgie!

    thank you for the visit sis!

  4. Hi Mel, wow, ang organized naman ng cabinet na to.. hahaha.. kami diri kagubot.. waaaa… lami looking lagi ng red food nimu,, heheeh salamat sa laag Mel.. ayo-ayo diha!

  5. i like and love that fudgie wudgie..yum yum..happy RT

  6. firstly, Congrats and have a safe pregnancy sis. how far are you before delivery?

    i would love to try that fudge.. can i have some? hehe kidding!

    btw, am a new follower. thanks for dropping by at my blog 🙂

  7. Good for you on the nesting instinct – your shelves look lovely! Take care and be well.

  8. Very neat and clean 🙂
    Yes Mel,I want some of your cake!
    Take care…
    Thanks for dropping by…

  9. Oh oh your clean hutch remind me to clean mine lol!! Happy Tuesday!
    Red barn

  10. hello sis. 🙂 yummy fudge.. 🙂

    thanks for visiting and following, too. i truly appreciate it. 🙂

    see you around. 🙂

  11. Wow sis, that so neatly arranged! Malaki na ba tummy mo? Sowi for I haven't been active in bloghopping. Kids are getting sick lately hay…

  12. Oh, Can I have a slice of that fudge? hehehe

  13. wow.. sarap! Dami mong souvenir items ha..

  14. Kaya ka pala nawala saglit girl Hehehe Happy Ruby Tuesday BTW can I add this blog to my newest blog.

    It's here

    My Daily Mumbles

    I hope you can add it too thanks!

  15. wow congrats on your pregnancy..its my first time here, I am also pregnant and waiting for our baby to pop out this month. I hope you can visit my blog and we can exchange links…see you then..heres my blog

  16. spotless man kau woi…ako gubot tawon kau…ehehehe…murag lami galing nang cheesecake fudge yotch…wapa ko ka tilaw ana…lol!

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