A comfortable chair for kids

Just this morning, I had a fun time taking pictures of my little boy. I noticed that he loved sitting on this empty Skyflakes box. Every time he achieved sitting in it, he stands and roam around for a second, then after a while, he goes back to this box and sit gently. But there is that one moment that he missed it. Somehow, it reminds me of how comfortable it would be for him to sit in a kids chair like the modern furniture for kids I found online at modern furniture classics. His face looks messy in these pictures as I was also chasing while feeding him spaghetti as his lunch.



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3 responses to “A comfortable chair for kids

  1. I thought he was already potty training hehehe, lol. George is really so cute and active. Just be careful that he will not hurt himself while engaging in his many plays. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Hahaha ang cute naman ni Orhe heheheh

  3. ka cute ni jorje…ehehhee….potty trained naba sya yotch?

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