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Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt your flowers April 21/11 – – – part 4

Hi fellow gardeners! Here is my little story this week about my gardening. I bought a Peony root in Wegmans and I planted it like in the picture below and I made a post on how I planted the root here: Steps in planting roots. My Daffodils are finally blooming this Monday and I am enjoying their beauties. 🙂 Will be blog hopping your blogs tomorrow as I am planning to visit my Father in law who is in the hospital. We are hoping to have the feeding tube installed into him because its the only thing he could be fed very well and survive. Hope you can include us in your prayers folks.

 And oh, these cute foliage of the Lupins were up this week too.
And I am excited to use this chives in my cooking. 🙂
Fertilizer friday


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Steps in planting roots

I bought this Peony from Wegmans two weeks ago because the price is unbeatable. I have been wanting to have a Peony in my garden so I bought them in roots rather than transplanting a big pot and because its cheaper to buy the roots than the pots. I have lots of success in planting plants starting from roots like my blue flag irises, yellow bearded irises, dahlias, bleeding hearts, flower bulbs and old fashioned daylilies.

This is the step I made in planting this Peony root. It is pretty simple, simply dig a one foot deep and diameter in your native ground. Mix the native soil you dug with out the grass roots with the potting or gardening mix. Put at least 2-3 inch mixed soil on the base of the hole you just dug. Place the root at the top of it, make sure its upright, you can see difference between the stem and the roots. And put more mixed soil at the top of the root until its level to the ground at the top. Pour some water or water mixed with miraclegrow.

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At a Local Artisan Show – – – part 2

If you guys are wondering where my part 1 got to, you can find it here. I took many pictures that day because there many interesting arts that I found inspiring and I guess this posts can benefit our local artisans as well, if they and the local people will find my posts. Anyhow, as a continuation of my post, here goes:

 Another set of delicate Victorian  sets.
This is Kelly Hunt, a One stroke painter. She got her beautiful wine glasses and other glass wares for sale. I got attracted to one of those blue wine glasses on the left.
So I bought it for $11 dollars as a souvenir.
And yes, I used it for drinking water. Very nice and sturdy glass.
Another painting she did. I love the way she did this swan picture and its reflection.
I hope you guys enjoyed my pictures.


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At a Local Artisan Show

I went to a local artisan show about two weeks ago. I love going to such shows so I can be inspired in making some art stuff. There was a Victorian lunch and tea of the said place too. I found interesting Victorian housewares that were new to me and I felt so excited to be in a place with such classical theme. My mom in law was with me and she tells me story of how she find such tea sets in antique shops and garage sales. Most of the sets they used to delight their visitors were Von China wares where they are made of very thin glass and delicate designs in them. How nice to know that such things are still valuable.

I found this wine glass interesting after roaming around in the artisan show. Isn’t that yellow butterfly stunning? It is hand painted by Kelly Hunt, a local artist whom I met as an instructor when I attended one of her “One stroke painting” workshop.
 After roaming, I went to their Victorian lunch and tea. I found this charming victorian tea cup and plate. Its a pleasure to use this.
A romantic Victorian room and table settings.
I was able to sit and chat with these ladies who are members of the local women’s club and they help maintain the beauty of this Historic and Victorian building.
A yummy meal.
Cute Victorian ornaments in the center table.
Hope you guys enjoyed my pictures. Its once in a while for me to experience a beautiful show and Victorian settings.


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Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt your flowers April 9/11 – – – part 3

Yesterday, I was able to spend my whole day de-weeding the garden in our front porch. The left side has the mulch fabric to stop the growth of weed under it and I spread wooden chips of mulch above the fabric. If I abandon it long time, some grass grow above the mulch and some grass also has sharp leaves that can still pass through the fabric. I am told that I should use newspaper first, I guess I should have done it because its just the same story that we need to de-weed the ground anyway. So much so, de-weeding is an exercise, especially for a pregnant like me and that I did it by hand picking the weed. I was able to spread the mulch fabric on the right side area and then I was able to put mulch. But not enough, need more bags of wood chips. I usually buy the supplies in the House True Value store.

This the right side slope in front of the porch. The plants growing in there were the tulips, daffodils, creeping phlox, lupins, lemon thyme and rosemary.
This is the left side slope of the porch. The plants growing in there were the tulips, daffodils, creeping thyme, creeping phlox, dianthus, snow white iberis, lupins, one strawberry and the trailing soapworth. Must put more mulch there. The location gets only partial sun and its in a side of hill so I get flower blooms late. I got some daffodil buds now.
This is a potted plant that I just bought at Wegmans last Wednesday. I just could not resist the beauty of its foliage and its was on sale from $9.99 to $1.99. Was able to grab it in a cheap price.
I took some pretty yellow daffodils while visiting my mother in law’s garden last Sunday.
And here are also some stunning Forget-me-nots in her garden.
Fertilizer friday


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Fun in cake decorating

I had fun doing an art craft last Wednesday with other fellow moms in MOPS at our area. That time, the art craft was about cake decorating. I was fascinated by the cake decorating supplies that Marci, our art coordinator, bought for doing such a cool craft. We are just using plastic bags and stylish cake decorating points with knobs. I learned some of her cake decorating tips like when making a leaf design, make sure to use a light icing and the rest of the designs should be in medium icing. Here are my cake designs that day. Do you like cake decorating too?

I was able to use a fondant icing for this cake.
My entry for:



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